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SEO Urdu Video Course Class 27

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SEO Urdu Video Course Class 27:
Till now you have learnt all about SEO. Now you know about off page and on page search engine optimization. You saw all the techniques of off page SEO and on page SEO till now. We also told you how to optimize your site. What steps for the on page optimization should be kept in mind and what for the off page optimization.  We learnt all basic techniques about SEO.
Some useful tips and tricks for search engine optimization:
FIRST TIP: BE BOLD the keywords based on your site and you have targeted them at least one time.
SECOND TIP: GET DEEP LINKING from the site. Deep linking means always get back link from deep pages or old pages not from home page because Google doesn’t give importance to that back ling if got it from the home page of any site.
THIRD TIP: OPTIMIZE EACH PAGE INDIVIDUALLY of your site. Make sure optimize your web pages individually for higher and higher traffic. Surely all webpage have different titles, keywords and contents. Your site traffic will be decreased if you optimized it on some limited keywords and home page. Each page optimization is better than home page optimization for higher traffic.
FOURTH TIP: USE DIFFERENT ANCHOR TEXT. Anchor text from which our site link is attached. Make sure you have used different anchor text in back links generating.
FIFTH TIP: FREQUENTLY UPDATE your site. It is most important tip for SEO. Update your site with fresh content at least 3 times in a week for getting high page rank.
SIXTH TIP: DON’T USE SO MUCH RECIPROCAL LINKS for your site. Links exchange process is unbeneficial for the site. So don’t use reciprocal links.
SEVENTH TIP: DON’T USE SO MANY IMAGES in your WebPages. None of the search engines including Google search engine can’t read images because images and videos are unreadable for all the search engines including Google.
EIGHTH TIP:  PAGE OPENING TIME SHOULD BE MINIMUM. If your site takes too much time to open then Google crawlers can’t read your page. So try to minimize your site loading.
NINTH TIP: USE ALTERNATE TEXT LINK FOR JAVA DROP DOWN MENUS. Make sure Google can’t read the java drop down Manu bar so always you use alternate text link for these java drop down Manu bar.
TENTH TIP: USE A BLOG IF YOUR SITE CAN NOT BE UPDATED FREQUENTLY. Some site may take too much time to update. So use blog for your site updating.
ELEVENTH TIP: CONSIDER QUALITY NOT QUANTITY IN GETTING BACK LINKS for your site. Make sure get back links having high page rank either they be less in quantity.
TWELTH TIP: USE KEYWORDS IN NATURAL WAY. Always use them in a natural look to avoid the readers from any inconvenience and bothering.  Be avoiding in using keywords in informal way.
THIRTEENTH TIP: MAKE YOUR SITE NAVIGATION EASY for reader’s easy reading. Your navigation should be access able for readers and Google. Avoid using drop down menu because drop down menus are not good for search engines.
FOUTTH TIP: TRY TO GET .EDU BACK LINKS for your site. Google gives great importance to educational sites so try to get back links fro .edu sites even you have to pay for them.
FIFTHEENTH TIP: USE CAPTIONS AND ALT TEXTS WITH YOUR IMAGES. As you know captions and alt texts are read able for search engines besides mages and videos. For more information watch video.
Watch SEO Course Lesson NO. 27

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